Becoming a Leader of Leaders Book, Ian Lees

Becoming a Leader of Leaders: How to Succeed in Bigger Jobs and Still Have a Life

Authored by Ian Lees, Director of Being Leaders, this best-selling leadership book equips experienced and emerging leaders with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the Leader of Leaders role, while still having a life outside of work. 


Are you all of a sudden leading a team of other leaders? Or maybe this is the next step in your career progression?

Either way, this transition is one of the biggest and hardest ones you’ll ever experience. Becoming a Leader of Leaders is filled with ideas and tips for leaders just like you who want to succeed, influence other leaders, and avoid soul-crushing burnout.

You’ll learn to:


“Becoming a Leader of Leaders is a brilliantly thoughtful read, filled with practical ideas and strategies that would help any leader navigate the daily struggle of trying to keep on top of it all.”

Lorie Cittadino, Manager, Culture and Organisational Development, Large Government Agency


“Working in the field of leadership I have read about many models, theories and personal accounts of becoming a leader, which promise to solve all your challenges. What makes this book distinct is that it combines empathy for the human experience of becoming a leader of leaders with deep theory and powerful self-reflection questions to take you on your own journey. Ian writes in his closing chapter that one of his most powerful insights is that “each one of us is a unique being”, and while there is a lot to learn from collective wisdom, “we must find a way that works for us and is us”. This book provides you with the tools and knowledge to do this.”

Sarah Hartridge, Manager, Leadership Development, Large International Bank


“This book is an important reminder that our ways of thinking and working may need fundamental shifts as we transition into larger and more complex leadership roles. As a handbook for change, this book provides aspiring and new leaders with essential guidance for navigating transitions.”

Katie Irvine, NSW Government Senior Executive


“This book will open your eyes to what success really looks and feels like in a senior leader role, [and is] a must-read for anyone taking the next step in their career. Easy to read, with practical tips you can start implementing straight away.”

Annika Haddock, Finance Leader, GenesisCare


“Ian has an incredible knack of making sense of what’s going on both within organisations and within your own mind as a leader. He brings clarity without simplifying, and his advice is non-judgmental and grounded in reality. I started off my work with Ian as a complete cynic, doubting the premise and practice of “management training”. After working with Ian for a year, I enjoyed my job more – and I know that my colleagues benefited from my fresh approach to leadership. Ian doesn’t try to turn you into a cookie-cutter model of a perfect leader, but encourages you to develop your own personality and strengths so that you can be the best version of yourself in the context that your role requires. He moves easily between theory and practical application, drawing on wide experience but always engaged with the realities of your particular role. I never failed to leave my sessions with Ian feeling more empowered and optimistic about my role, and with a stronger sense of what I wanted to achieve and how to get there.”

Toby Chadd, Director of Artistic Planning, Australian Chamber Orchestra


“A survival guide and invaluable companion for new leaders of leaders.”

Ellen Flint, Executive Director, People and Culture, The Royal Melbourne Hospital


“It is great to see Ian sharing his lifetime of wisdom in a book. As a person who understands and reflects on leadership daily, Ian has set out in this practical book his insights into one of the toughest transitions in the workplace – from team leader to leader of leaders. How we make this transition when the opportunity arises affects every part of our life and every part of the organisation in which it happens. This primer can help each of us be more self-reflective and effective as we take on more responsibility.”

David Currow, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Health and Sustainable Futures), University of Wollongong

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