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Being Leaders is where people transform from overworked to highly impactful.

About Being Leaders

Why we exist

At the heart of our work is a passion for helping people grow into who they want to be, to do the bigger jobs and live the bigger lives they are capable of, realised through their way of being and impact as a leader.

Through training and coaching, we equip senior, emerging and high-performing leaders with new skills and beliefs to move from being bogged down in the details, to operating as a strategic and influential leader with the ability to shape and deliver big outcomes.

Our program draws on a wide range of traditions, disciplines, perspectives and experience, including Ontological coaching and Human Synergistic, that combine to give leaders experiences that are profound and practical.

Our Team

Our team combines leadership experience from large and complex organisations, through to early stage startups.
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Jonathan Robinson-Lees


Rebecca Robinson-Lees, Being Leaders, Lead Facilitator

Rebecca Robinson-Lees

Lead Facilitator

Natalie Shaw, Being Leaders Facilitator

Natalie Shaw


Annika Haddock

Annika Haddock


Ian Lees, Being Leaders Director

Ian Lees


Penny Lees, Being Leaders Director

Penny Lees


The Being Leaders Program

Our comprehensive program helps leaders to become more impactful, delivering better results for the customers, organisations and themselves, without burning out.

Through dynamic and action-oriented group coaching workshops, leaders master essential leadership concepts and develop the core skills necessary for one of their career’s most significant transitions: evolving from a Team Leader to a Leader of Leaders.

There are currently three core modules to the Being Leaders program: Creating Sandboxes, Way of Being and Coaching Leaders. 

Developing 'Leaders of Leaders'

A Leader of Leader is a role where the person has multiple Team Leaders reporting to them. The Team Leaders in turn, typically manage a further three to ten Professional Contributors. The Leader of Leader, when operating effectively, no longer has a direct influence on the end results, instead their role requires them to shape results through their leadership abilities. 

The transition from Team Leader to Leader of Leaders can be one of the most complex of an individual’s career. 

A Leader of Leaders who recognises that their role is a totally different job to what they have done previously will thrive. While the Team Leader remains involved in the details, for example developing a presentation, the Leader of Leaders must design the systems their people work in and scan internally and externally for opportunities.

Whilst there is recognition that leadership transitions can be difficult for the individual to navigate, there is a gap in understanding about this impact on an organisation.

The epicentre of an organisation is the relationship between the Leader of Leaders and their direct reports (who will, in turn, have functional teams underneath them). This crucial connection is built on clarity and communication – when it is lacking there is a huge detriment to the individuals and the organisation.

The Leader of Leaders Value Chain illustration below sets out the impact of the role.  

Leader of Leaders value chain

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