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Being Leaders equips leaders to succeed in bigger jobs without burning out.

Developing Leaders of Leaders

Being Leaders provide leadership training and coaching for emerging and senior leaders. We specialises in developing Team Leaders into impactful strategic influencers, known as ‘Leaders of Leaders’.

Transitioning from a Team Leader to a Leader of Leaders necessitates a shift in thinking and operating models distinct from those that previously brought success to leaders. Find out more about this transition by clicking the ‘Learn More’ link below. 

Breakthrough insights, immediate impact

Being Leaders provides training and coaching programs for senior leaders to enhance their impact and influence by becoming effective Leaders of Leaders.

High Impact

We specialise in leadership development targeting the most influential role within an organisation: the Leader of Leaders.

Immediate Implementation

Insights and strategies applied to participants existing role requirements, with feedback sessions to share real implementation experience.

Community of Leaders of Leaders

Peer and group work, and ongoing access to content encourage a supportive network that enhances continuous learning and development for leaders in your organisation.

Our Training Programmes

Enhancing high-impact leadership skills, our Leader of Leaders program targets individuals in or advancing into senior leadership positions. Our facilitated modules provide structured learning to navigate the complexities of these roles, ideal for dynamic and technically diverse organisations.

Creating Sandboxes

Leading for results
Two leaders speaking

Training Leaders of Leaders to create environments where team leaders excel, maximising their impact and influence.

Way of

Leading yourself
Way of Being Training

Equipping Leaders of Leaders with easy-to-use practices to become a better observer and influencers of their temperament at any time.


Leading others
Being Leaders Leading Others

Leaders will learn and practice a core coaching model and then apply this approach to scenarios of coaching other leaders.

Becoming a Leader of Leaders Book, Ian Lees

Training Based on the Best Selling Book ‘Becoming a Leader of Leaders’.

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Leadership Insights

Expert insights based on Being Leaders principles.
Personal Development
Being Leaders

Is your way-of-being impacting your leadership?

The answer is yes. Leadership happens in moments; moments of sense-making, moments of relationship-building, and moments of decision-making. Your way-of-being is your overall state at any moment of the day. It determines how you adapt, respond and lead at any given moment.

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Being Leaders

Podcast: Leadership as a neural network

The leader-of-leaders role is the most significant position in any organisation. With design and decision rights and the ability to influence broadly across an organisation, and even beyond to external stakeholders, the leader-of-leaders role is at the epicentre of staff morale, discretionary effort and staff retention – it can make or break an organisation.

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Being Leaders

Become a leader who shapes outcomes

As a Leader of Leaders, one transitions from managing day-to-day operations to shaping strategic narratives and the broader organisational direction. This blog illustrates this transition, some of the challenges, and practical guidance for becoming a leader who effectively shapes outcomes.

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