Transforming Overworked Leaders into Impactful Visionaries

From overworked to incredible impactful
Understand the necessary steps to guide overworked leaders to become impactful visionaries through mindset shifts, vision creation, skill development, and personal growth.

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At Being Leaders, our mission is to guide leaders from being overworked to becoming incredibly impactful.

Many leaders start their journey excited and full of potential. However, as responsibilities increase, the initial excitement often gives way to overwhelming stress and long working hours. 

This transition is at the core of the Being Leaders training, as the journey from a Team Leader to a Leader of Leaders is a significant change requiring new mindsets and practices.

The first crucial step is recognising that Leading Leaders is a completely different job from leading a team of professional contributors. The Leader of Leaders role involves designing and shaping the work system to ensure sustained and adaptable outcomes. It’s about moving away from managing tasks to empowering your team leaders to lead effectively.

Steps to Transformation

1. Letting Go of Old Practices

Leaders must unlearn old habits that no longer serve their new role. This means letting go of the need to be involved in every decision and instead focusing on creating an environment where team leaders can thrive. This shift allows for more strategic thinking and less burnout.

2. Creating a Vision and Purpose

A significant part of becoming an impactful leader is defining a clear vision and purpose. Leaders should communicate this vision to their teams, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals. This creates a sense of direction and motivation, reducing the chaos that often leads to overwork.

3. Developing New Skills

Leaders of leaders need to develop new skills that are more about influencing and integrating rather than direct management. This includes building strong relationships with other senior leaders to ensure the organisation’s various parts work seamlessly together, and learning how to “Create Sandboxes”, giving other leaders the responsibility, authority and accountability to lead effectively themselves.

4. Focusing on Personal Growth

Personal development is at the heart of leadership transformation. Leaders need to be self-aware, understanding their strengths and areas for improvement. This self-awareness helps them to lead authentically and inspire their teams. This is a concept we describe as a leaders ‘Way of Being’, and it impacts how they show up and behave in any given moment.

Realising The Impact

When leaders make these changes, the transformation is profound. They move from being overworked managers to influential leaders who make a significant impact on their organisations. They find a balance between their professional responsibilities and personal life, leading to overall better performance and job satisfaction.

At Being Leaders, we believe that every leader has the potential to make this transformation. 

Our programs are designed to support leaders through this journey, providing the tools and insights needed to succeed in bigger roles while maintaining a fulfilling life. By focusing on key areas such as vision creation, skill development, and personal growth, we help leaders become the impactful visionaries they aspire to be.

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