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Personal Development

Is your way-of-being impacting your leadership?

The answer is yes. Leadership happens in moments; moments of sense-making, moments of relationship-building, and moments of decision-making. Your way-of-being is your overall state at any moment of the day. It determines how you adapt, respond and lead at any given moment.


Become a leader who shapes outcomes

As a Leader of Leaders, one transitions from managing day-to-day operations to shaping strategic narratives and the broader organisational direction. This blog illustrates this transition, some of the challenges, and practical guidance for becoming a leader who effectively shapes outcomes.


Leadership as a neural network

If we look at an organisation as the human nervous system, the leader-of-leaders role acts within an organisation much like a synapse does within the brain. The neurons represent the people within an organisation responsible for applying their professional knowledge and skills to produce products or services.


What role has the greatest impact?

The leader-of-leaders role is the most significant position in any organisation. With design and decision rights and the ability to influence broadly across an organisation, and even beyond to external stakeholders, the leader-of-leaders role is at the epicentre of staff morale, discretionary effort and staff retention – it can make or break an organisation.


Creating a space to think

To be effective as a leader of leaders, it is essential to create a space to think. Too often, a leader ends up caught in the detail of a project and during this time they can fail to recognise what is ahead. Leadership is complex and there is ambiguity that comes with the role each


Podcast: Industry insights – Natalie Robinson

Natalie Robinson, founder and CEO of OneUpOneDown, recently joined Overworked to Incredibly Impactful to share her insights into the challenges and opportunities of leading start-ups and small businesses. Having also participated in a Being Leaders program, Natalie discusses how the practical tools and resources from the workshops have helped to shift her mindset as a


The reasons you are floundering

Navigating the transition to a leader-of-leaders role can be challenging. Your experience of this journey is normal and natural. The confusion is part of the process and is actually essential in making the change.
You will discover new perspectives and practices that will enable you to make the transition to being a leader-of-leaders.


Recognising the significance of your new role

The transition to a senior leader role is a significant and challenging step in one’s career. It involves moving from an individual contributor or mid-level management position to a position of higher responsibility and authority within an organisation.

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