What is a Being Leaders workshop?

Being Leaders offers a world-class program for people in leader-of-leader roles. The program is delivered through online workshops and is designed to help leaders make one of the biggest transitions of their career.

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Being Leaders offers a leadership development program for people in leader-of-leader roles. The program is delivered through online workshops and is designed to help leaders effectively make one of the biggest transitions of their career, from leading a team of professional contributors to the new and different job of leading other leaders.

Who is the program for?

A Being Leaders workshop is tailored to leader-of-leader roles. This program is ideally suited to people who:

  1. Have recently moved into a leader-of-leaders role for the first time.
  2. Expect to move into a leader-of-leaders role in the next 12 months.
  3. Have had some experience as a leader of leaders and are now moving into a leader-of-leaders role in a new organisation.
  4. Have had some experience as a leader of leaders and are interested in ongoing development.
  5. Are senior leaders of support teams who effectively have to lead other leaders across the organisation and in partner organisations.

What does the program look like?

The Being Leaders program is made up of various modules, designed to provide practical tools for immediate impact. Each module is delivered online across 2 x 90 minute facilitated workshops, plus pre and post self reflection activities. Participants then re-group 4-6 weeks after the workshop for a group coaching session to share their experiences of implementing the tools and practices.

Revisiting the leader-of-leader role

A leader-of-leader is a role where you have multiple team leaders reporting to you. These team leaders typically manage three to ten professional contributions. You now have team leaders reporting to you who are focused on shaping results through their own leadership. Think of an engineer – they would have started as a technical expert in their field and then, perhaps, moved on to manage a team of other engineers. In this case, they still apply their technical expertise and are still very involved in specific projects. When the engineer moves into a leader-of-leaders role, they are not directly involved in the technical elements of the organisation, but instead focused on developing and empowering their Team Leaders.

Making the shift from a Team Leader to a Leader-of-Leaders is one of the most significant transitions in your professional life. The demands have increased significantly and the stakes are high. Understanding that a leader-of-leaders role is a totally different job, there are many powerful steps that a leader can take to make the required and meaningful changes in their life.

What are the program development outcomes?

After completing the program people will be able to:

  1. Understand the difference between the leader-of-leaders role and other leadership and individual contributor roles. 
  2. Assess their progress towards becoming a leader of leaders at the start of the program, at the end of the program and on an ongoing basis.
  3. Understand the Becoming a Leader of Leaders development model (expanding circles).
  4. Adapt their way of being to change their leadership practices in the moment to become a leader of leaders.
  5. Shift how they see themselves so that they can step into their new role with confidence.
  6. Work with the leaders they lead to design and manage sandboxes that ensure outcomes are achieved while empowering action.
  7. Build in specific action to influence broadly within and outside their organisation to ensure the efforts and resources of their team achieve maximum integration and impact.

Shared experiences and self reflection

A Being Leaders workshop is built on interactions between participants, sharing their lived experiences navigating the transition into a leader-of-leader role. During a Being Leaders workshop, participants are involved in various breakout sessions with fellow participants. 

Prior to the workshop, participants complete a brief self-reflection online, designed to give an indication of their current leadership journey and capabilities. This activity is also utilised by facilitators, to ensure that the workshop is aligned to the appropriate levels of the group. After the workshop, the participants complete the activity again to understand what change has taken place through the Being Leaders workshop.

Who facilitates a Being Leaders workshop?

The modules offered by Being Leaders are facilitated by two lead facilitators, with real and relevant experience in leader-of-leader roles.

Annika Haddock – Lead Facilitator: Annika is one of our Lead Facilitators and comes with over 15 years of experience across professional services, the entertainment industry and most recently with a global healthcare provider. Along with a Bachelor of Business, Annika is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has effectively implemented the practices of the Being Leaders program through her own transition into a leader-of-leader role.

Rebecca Robinson-Lees – Lead Facilitator: Rebecca is one of our Lead Facilitators and comes with over a decade’s worth of experience in community and social services, accompanied by a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Criminology). Most recently, Rebecca has been leading a team within a government department, effectively managing complex relationships and navigating high pressure environments by implementing elements of the Being Leaders program.

Being Leaders offers a leadership program that provides the practical and helpful tools to effectively make the transition into a leader-of-leaders role. With tailored workshops, self-reflection tools and leadership coaching, the program will equip you with new practices that enable you to succeed in bigger leadership roles.

Transform your people from overworked to incredibly impactful.

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