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Podcast: Industry insights – Natalie Robinson

Natalie Robinson, founder and CEO of OneUpOneDown, recently joined Overworked to Incredibly Impactful to share her insights into the challenges and opportunities of leading start-ups and small businesses. Having also participated in a Being Leaders program, Natalie discusses how the practical tools and resources from the workshops have helped to shift her mindset as a


The reasons you are floundering

Navigating the transition to a leader-of-leaders role can be challenging. Your experience of this journey is normal and natural. The confusion is part of the process and is actually essential in making the change.
You will discover new perspectives and practices that will enable you to make the transition to being a leader-of-leaders.


Recognising the significance of your new role

The transition to a senior leader role is a significant and challenging step in one’s career. It involves moving from an individual contributor or mid-level management position to a position of higher responsibility and authority within an organisation.


Podcast: Industry insights – Ian Lees

Ian Lees, author of Becoming a Leader of Leaders, recently joined Overworked to Incredibly Impactful to share the inspiration behind his book, and to share his unique insights from over four decades of experience in leadership development.


Influence to integrate for impact

One of the dimensions of the leader-of-leaders role that is easy to neglect is your role as a connector beyond your direct leaders and teams. As well as leading your immediate team, you are also a leader more broadly, connecting with your peer leaders, corporate functions and people and organisations beyond your own business.


What opportunities can you imagine?

Remember, you are now part of a wider leadership group that includes fellow leaders who also report to your boss in a formally structured sense. Your success as a senior leader in the broader organisation will now be determined more by how you engage with the other people at your level, and the culture you


Podcast: Making the change

The transition to become an effective leader-of-leaders can be a demanding stretch. There are distinct phases you will go through on this journey and it can be helpful to have an understanding of these steps, to help you navigate your transition.


The phases of delegation

There are very good reasons why it can feel difficult to delegate. At the core of the leader of leaders’ role is the challenge of being responsible for outcomes and work quality that you don’t have direct control over. But good leaders are concerned about working getting done to a high standard.


Podcast: Presenting to senior leaders

One of the most common concerns that comes up in our work with new and emerging leaders of leaders is the fear and sometimes the terror of presenting to a group of senior executives. Leader of leader roles quite often sit just below the executive team.


Staying open to possibilities as a leader

The key to being an effective leader of leaders is to use your role to influence to integrate – to ensure that the work of your team stretches across and beyond the organisation with great impact. Be passionately interested in what is going on with your organisation’s strategy, the environment that it is working in,

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