Defining a leader of leaders

With many existing leadership programs focused on new leaders or senior executives, Being Leaders offers a unique and impactful program to develop your people who are moving into leader-of-leader roles.

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Being Leaders delivers a development program for people who are navigating their leader-of-leaders role. Based on the concepts in the Amazon best-seller, Becoming a Leader of Leaders, the program is structured to help people transform from overworked to incredibly impactful.

What is a leader of leaders?

A leader of leader is where you have multiple team leaders reporting to you. These team leaders typically manage three to ten professional contributors. You now have team leaders reporting to you who are focused on shaping results through their own leadership. Think of an engineer – they would have started as a technical expert (a professional contributor) in their field and then, perhaps, moved on to manage a team of other engineers. In this case, they still apply their technical expertise and are still very involved in specific projects. When the engineer moves into a leader-of-leaders role, they are not directly involved in the technical elements of the organisation, but instead focused on developing and empowering their team leaders.

What are some of the challenges faced by a leader of leaders?

The role of leader of leaders has a much larger span than previous roles (such as being a team leader or a professional contributor).

Often people in the leader-of-leaders roles end up working ridiculously long hours – they remain too involved in the detail. The leader of leaders may feel it is important to be fully across everything the broader team is doing and there seems to be an endless stream of tasks to get done.

The biggest challenge is that the leader have moved into a completely different role (as a leader of leaders), but they are stuck using the same mindset and work practices that have been implemented in the past. If it continues in the same direction, the leader will burnout.

What is the solution?

Understanding that a leader-of-leaders role is a totally different job, there are many powerful steps that a leader can take to make the required and meaningful changes in their life.

For the leader of leaders, recognising how you think and adapting your perceptions is a core part of succeeding in this role. From this foundation understanding and practice, you will be able to make the big changes in your work you need to succeed.

As you make the transition to a leader-of-leaders role, you will start to feel the satisfaction in having a broader and bigger impact across the organisation.

Being Leaders offers a leadership program that provides the practical and helpful tools to effectively make the transition into a leader-of-leaders role. With tailored workshops, self-reflection tools and leadership coaching, the program will equip you with new practices that enable you to succeed in bigger leadership roles.

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